Adoption is a gift for those who are unable to have children of their own. It brings together grateful parents and children longing to have a home. As wonderful as the act of adoption is, it can often be a confusing journey. Many families run into large amounts of red take and a lack of clarity.  The right adoption attorney will guide you through this process painlessly. Let’s look at some common questions for adopting a child in Plano.

What is an Adoption Attorney?

An adoption lawyer is just what it sounds like, an attorney who will helps people through the adoption process. Adoption lawyers help prospective parents adopt a child. They also help biological parents to abdicate their rights to a child, allowing the adoption of the child by another party. The attorney guides their clients through the adoption process, advising them on different types of adoption as well as legal and financial impacts.

Adoption attorneys file all the required legal paperwork with the courts and act as an advocate on their client’s behalf. They are also familiar with family law and can address specific laws that a general lawyer may not be able to answer. It’s beneficial to have an attorney who can quickly and accurately address any legal issues that arise during the adoption process. In some cases, it may be expected by the biological parent or parents that the adopting party covers all expenses involved in adopting a child. An adoption attorney looks at the expenses and then negotiates the costs on behalf of their client to minimize the financial impact.

Do You Need an Attorney for Adoption?

In short, you don’t need an attorney to adopt a child in Texas. With that being said, it’s not wise to attempt to adopt a child when you’re not familiar with the process and any hidden pitfalls that may await you. An adoption attorney makes sure that the paperwork is correct. This prevents delays due to improper documents being sent to the court.

In adoption, time is of the essence. Delays from filling out a form incorrectly can lead to long delays or a loss of opportunity to adopt the child.  Potential parents must complete several steps before they are able to adopt a child in Plano, Texas. An adoption attorney is familiar with these requirements and can simplify the process to make sure that each one is met. If you forego hiring a lawyer who specializes in adoption, you’re increasing the risk of not being able to adopt.

Do Stepparents Need an Adoption Attorney to Adopt?

It is only natural for a stepparent who loves their stepchild to want to legally adopt them. You don’t need a lawyer in the state of Texas for a stepparent who is married to the biological parent of a child to adopt. The stepparent can petition the court to adopt their stepchild without the aid of a lawyer, but it is unwise to go through the adoption process without someone who has a thorough legal knowledge of how the proceedings work.

Some aspects of stepparent adoption are quite complex. If the second biological parent of the stepchild is still living, they will have to relinquish their rights to the child. This is a vital step when it comes to adoption. Many times, without an experienced attorney, this is where the adoptive parent runs into trouble.

Do You Need to Go to Court to Adopt a Child?

In the state of Texas, both prospective parents and the adoptee (12 years old and up) must appear in court. In some instances, the court may waive this requirement if it’s in the child’s best interest. This requirement also applies to step parents and stepchildren. Appear in court without an adoption attorney may limit your ability to answer some of the legal aspects of the process. This could potentially jeopardize the chances of successfully adopting the child you want.

What is an Order of Adoption?

An order of adoption is simply a court document stating that the two people who adopt a child are the child’s legal parents. It serves as a way to identify the parents of the child. This document plays an important role when it comes to registering the shild for school or to state the parents can make decisions on behalf of their child. Using an adoption attorney ensures that there are no errors in the document. A clean document can help prevent issues that may arise at a later date.

What Are the Costs to Adopt a Child in Texas?

Adoption costs range from $5000 to upwards of $40,000 in the state of Texas. An adoption attorney can advise you to make sure you are not overpaying for your adoption.

Adoption Attorneys You Can Depend On

If you’re seeking to adopt a child in Plano, Texas, you’ll need a guide through the process. At Cross Family Law, our highly qualified legal team understands all forms of adoption in Texas. We also make it a point to keep you informed every step of the way.  During the adoption process a social worker or other state official will evaluate your home’s living conditions. They also evaluate you and your spouse’s to ensure you’re capable parents. Any misunderstandings or mistakes by officials could count against you in the adoption process. This is another reason why an adoption attorney is so important. They’re able to help clear up misconceptions and get the adoption of your stepchild back on track.

If you are a resident of the greater Plano area, let Cross Family law adoption attorneys help you with your adoption case. Call Cross Family Lawyers today at 972-665-9880. We will be happy to help you!